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Card With Flaps
Book Page

Craft Roulette Episode 51, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on March 5, 2021, featured special guest Julie Carriere. The project parameter for this episode was to create a card with flaps. The color parameter was spring, inspiring the crafters to use vibrant and fresh colors in their designs. The element parameter was dogs, adding a fun and playful touch to the projects. Lastly, the random parameter was book page, challenging the crafters to incorporate book pages into their card designs.

Throughout the episode, Mary and Julie showcased their creativity and improvisation skills as they spun the wheel and embraced the challenge of crafting with the given parameters. The resulting projects were unique and varied, with each crafter putting their own spin on the card with flaps theme, incorporating spring colors, dogs, and book pages in innovative ways. Craft Roulette Episode 51 was a delightful showcase of spontaneous crafting and the endless possibilities that can arise from random parameters.