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Window card
Purple + 2
In The Garden
Kraft or Tan Paper

About The Episode

We had so much FUNN celebrating our first anniversary/birthday with Christine Bertram, and so many friends Friday night! THANK YOU, one and all for celebrating with us and for making our first year so terrific. 

Christine brought the FUNN with her cowbell - tee hee - what a party girl. The wheel rewarded her by landing on her favorite color, PURPLE! Thank you, Christine. You are so FUNN!

Had a lot of FUNN reviewing some of our firsts like our first ten contributors:
Lady Barb Card-Stock-a-Lot, Kim Galvan, Lynn Darda, Sue Masoner, Vicky Logan, Melodee Luyk, Patty Beck, Vicki Emmerson, Lena Marie, and Anna Miller.
Then we introduced some new firsts:
1. Introducing our first merchandise: Craft Roulette / Cut the Crap & Create Teespring
2. Introducing our first Craft Roulette EVENT! 

Join us Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Central for our Contributor Showcase.

Enjoy this week's submissions. There are so many interpretations, good golly Miss Molly! Isn't this just so FUNN?