Episode #53

March 19, 2021


5" x 7" card


Blue and 2 colors





About The Episode

Episode archive posted on March 22, 2021

Every week the wheel gives us some new combination of parameters to play and create with, and every week I delight in seeing all the different ways the crafters take their thoughts and inspiration to paper. This week did not disappoint! Look at all these different creative interpretations! WOW! We have critters, people young and old, and even aliens!

Karen Boyce was our Guest Crafter and it was FUNN to watch her create a project completely different than the last card she made while on the show (see Episode #38). While we didn’t get to hear her sing, we did get to enjoy her work through her process softly to herself, and hear her giggle. Be sure to watch her one-eyebrow go up during the spins! Don’t we all feel that way when we first hear the parameters? Karen gave us a bonus, too, with a $25 gift certificate to Simon Says Stamps for one of our contributors from last week! WooHoo! Thank you, Karen, for joining us this week for some new inspiration!

Join us Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Central for our Contributor Showcase.

Thank you for all your submissions, now go have FUNN in the cute cards! KYB

Mary Gunn FUNN


Karen Boyce

Karen Boyce

Guest Contributors

School kids are celebrating that school is out with a party. Balloons and a hand written note with a pencil. 5x7 card
LuAnn Johnson
5x7, blue, green, and yellow, balloon, colored pencil skin and hair.
Kim Wolff
New Mexico
Carolee Crabb
5x7 card with color of blue + green & gold/yellow, Balloons colored with pencils
Bonnie Szwalkiewicz
5x7 Card ✅ Blue + 2 (Orange & Green) ✅ Balloons (does 1 count??) ✅ Pencils (coloured flowers with pencils) ✅
Karen Goddard
Sydney, Australia
Glossy accents on balloons covers the water colour pencils, not a fan.
Anna Miller
Alberta, Canada
Colors: blue, green and yellow Used watercolor pencils on small hot air balloon. 5x7 card. Hot air balloons.
Lynda Bendik
You are all invited to the Crafty Party!
Hildenell Vilchez
Watercolor pencils on the balloons. Blue, purple, and teal. Not used to such a large card so I framed it with teal peel off stickers.
Lisa Stanley
I used blues, greens, and burgundy on my 5x7" card and added faces to the balloons with pencil!
Anna Christopherson
I have realized I am not fond of 5 x 7. Blue, pink, green (in balloon) and neutrals. I used colored pencils and a shaker for balloon.
Kathy Pisupati
Up, up, and away! 5x7 card, blue-yellow-red, used colored pencils for the house, and of course you need balloons when you move.
Patty Beck
Poor kitty is coloured with watercolour pencils. Speech ballon added to get extra points. Diluted pencil also used for background smooshing
Jackie Muller
Whyalla, Australia
Vacationing in Florida. I didn’t bring any stamping stuff. Stopped at craft store got kiddie car stamp and a few supplies. Used kitchen shears.
Carol Sanquenetti
Blue plus red and green, colored with watercolor pencils.
Vicki Tillett
North Carolina
Really enjoyed this make.
Laura Ellis
Parameters of Blue, Purple & Brown. Hot air balloon with Color penciled fairies from lawn fawn on a blue blended background.
Lorissa Woolley
I added some Glossy Accents to give the balloons some dimension and shine.
Melissa Miller
"Nobody can be down with a balloon". White pencil marks on the Bunny and I drew the big balloon. I The Bunny is on a wobbler. Blue+green+orange
Christina Bromee
Pencil on balloons, watercolor splatters, blue, mint and purple. Fun, so Funn!!
Stacey Freier
I have no idea what's going on in this scene but hope it's about helping us save our planet. Blue, green & orange. Pen on text and earth baloon.
Boel Ask
Colored in with colored pencils then Gamsol.
Kathy Hering
My fav pic of Jozie Sue recolored the flowers on dress for blue+2. White bckgrd /cut out to blue/then white outline, pink on blue, pencil string
Lena Marie
5 x 7, blue plus two, balloons, color pencil on Another year.
Kay Wirrer
I did some ink smooshing with Distress Oxide inks.
Liz Wheeler
5x7 card. Blue(s) + green and orange. 2 hot air-style balloons. Blue colored pencil used to draw in the clouds on the inside of the card.
Phaline Mays
Color pencils were used on the balloons and present. Did use shimmer brush on balloons also but its hard to see.
Rose Dubberstein
I made a neutral panda floating thru a 5x7 sky of blue and white cloud DSP on blue +2 balloons stamped with a pencil alphabet.
Jean Benson
This card turned out completely different than my original idea (and so much better). It’s like nothing I would have normally made!
Rachel Castle
Cristina Pazmino
I used Derwent Inktense Pencils to colour in my entire image
Allison Cope
Alberta, Canada
Keeping it simple this time. Good to brush off the cobwebs on an old stampset. Pencil used for the string.
Claire Rope
Napier, New Zealand
Balloons galore with a shaker included. White pencil used on the cloudy backdrop.
Vicki Ruta
Essex, England
5x7, Blue plus 2, Balloons, Pencils. Check the sun over the hot air balloon and the flowers by the awesome girl for the pencils (crayons) wink!
Alessa Lemoine
Balloons colored with pencils and blended with Gamsol
Sue Bruch
I used a colored pencil to do the boarders and strings, and then went over them with a marker. The dog and cat were cut from a post card.
Karen Chester
I colored images with colored pencils. Having a 5x7 surface to work with was a challenge because I had so much space to work with!
Janet Covington
My version of a hot balloon card. Finally using my pastels papers. Used watercolor pencils to fill sentiment, drawn by cutting machine.
Maria Ayala
I used a dash of tumbled glass distress oxide for the background and purple, blue and pink colored pencils smoothed out with gamsol.
Kimberlee Breslin
5x7 card using: Blue + ORANGE & Pink; colored skin tone, shoes & balloons using colored pencils. Was FUNN crafting with Mom Debbie again.
Kimberly Cronauer
5x7 card using Sky blue colored pencil shading for sky. Used Navy blue, Yellow, and Coral orange for hot air balloon & accents. Fun learning.
Debbie Walker
5x7 card using Sky blue colored pencil shading for sky. Used Navy blue, Yellow, and Coral orange for hot air balloon & accents. Fun learning.
Amanda Pierce
Northwest Territories, Canada
Thank you Mary for the A2 on the 5x7 idea! Thanks to Crafty Al for the clear cardstock idea! And thanks to Bitty Penny for her creativity!
Jamie Watts
Pencil rockets, chickies in balloons, (not sure why brain went there). Blue w/pink, yellow. Pencil lines propelling pencils...
Susan Smurf Murphy
Raided my stash for patterned paper and stamps. It's busy but my grandson will love it!
Kathy Nelson
South Carolina
Brenda Gentry
5x7 card, Blue, green, yellow. Colored with pencils and has a talk balloon. Hope it is okay with just one balloon!
Jacque Rippe
I had trouble with the balloon lines. Forgot to put a bow around them and grass under the elephant. Will fix it at this end. Happy Weekend.
Lee Kendell
Alberta, Canada
Colored my balloons and birthday with pencils, 5x7-check, blue +2-check, balloons-check. Had Funn - check!!
Denise Oguinn
5x7 Z fold, a colored pencil used to shade the lagoon balloons, along with glacier blue, clover and a tiny touch of canary
Mary Naber
5 x 7 ✓ Blue plus 2 (yellow & pink) ✓ Balloons ✓ Pencils (one pencil on the card and white pencil used for highlights on the letters) ✓
Sylvia Podrazik
Colchester, UK
Balloon animals play on a 5”x7” card, in blue plus 2 (purple and yellow). I used colored pencils and a regular pencil to add the confetti.
Ellen CardMonkey Jarvis
Use pencil to draw balloon strings. Forgive any stamping boo boos. My vision is still a little blurry from my cataract surgery.
Judith Browning
I used colored pencils to draw some confetti around the sentiment.
Michelle Cortichiato
Used blue, pink, and yellow for my project. Disappointed that my water coloring warped the paper so much and made the balloon "string" bleed.
Everett Becerra
Fixed balloon...to be within perimeters. (Smile)
Nora LaCroix
Instead of using colored pencils myself the little piggy's are using colored pencils to make cards for a friend.
Wendi J.
Sherri Bradley
Add dimension to the patterned paper by shading the balloons with colored pencils.
Amy Ulen
Colors: blue, green and yellow. Hot air balloons, used pencils for the banners on then actually did my first 5x7 card. I really love this one
Angela Steinhoff
Whew! Ink is still wet!! 5x7 with Blues, pink and purple (suits the BDay gal!) More balloons inside and used colored pencils on the balloon :)
Ava Bellon
5x7 card using blue, orange and yellow. I used colored pencils to color the balloon animals.
Jennifer Hunstad
I used color pencils on my larger balloons. Used blue, green and yellow then a mix of the three on the center balloon.
Amy Edge
Colored pencil used to shade hot air balloons and draw line around card.
Sandee Carlson
Amy Keeler
Dad made two birthday cards using colored pencils. He did use two many colors on one of them, sorry.
Fred J.
Heidy Ryan
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