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"Bookmark" was this week's curve ball, but judging by the over 50 submissions, I think you liked it more than you thought you would! I know, I made a couple cards that used a slightly different twist to my 20+ years of card making experience! Boy, that wheel is just an spinning inspiration! The wheel even inspired Katy Taylor, our Guest Crafter, to make two adorable bookmarks and Katy says she "isn't a reader,"!

Katy was a lot of FUNN, of course. She not only is a wonderful card designer, she is an avid scrapbooker, as am I. I loved how she shared her one-five scrapbook of her first born son, and why she loves scrapbooking even more than cardmaking! This is why Katy will be one of our guests on our first Craft Roulette Scrapbook Day Special Event on May 1st, 2021. She has a heart full of paper crafting and family love. For more Katy inspiration, click on her social links. She is a prolific YouTuber. Thank you so much, Katy, for taking some time to join us for Craft Roulette!

Go ahead, go enjoy and be inspired by the wonderful submissions this week. I know you will be going, "Wow, look how cute! What a great idea!" Thank you, all.