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March 26, 2021






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Episode archive posted on March 29, 2021

“Bookmark” was this week’s curve ball, but judging by the over 50 submissions, I think you liked it more than you thought you would! I know, I made a couple cards that used a slightly different twist to my 20+ years of card making experience! Boy, that wheel is just an spinning inspiration! The wheel even inspired Katy Taylor, our Guest Crafter, to make two adorable bookmarks and Katy says she “isn’t a reader,”!

Katy was a lot of FUNN, of course. She not only is a wonderful card designer, she is an avid scrapbooker, as am I. I loved how she shared her one-five scrapbook of her first born son, and why she loves scrapbooking even more than cardmaking! This is why Katy will be one of our guests on our first Craft Roulette Scrapbook Day Special Event on May 1st, 2021. She has a heart full of paper crafting and family love. For more Katy inspiration, click on her social links. She is a prolific YouTuber. Thank you so much, Katy, for taking some time to join us for Craft Roulette!

Read more & join us for the Craft Roulette Scrapbook Day Special Event on May 1st, 2021. We’ve made scrapbooking a game!

Join us Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Central for our Contributor Showcase.

Go ahead, go enjoy and be inspired by the wonderful submissions this week. I know you will be going, “Wow, look how cute! What a great idea!” Thank you, all.

Mary Gunn FUNN


Katy Taylor

Katy Taylor
Katy Taylor
Katy Taylor

Guest Contributors

I created this shaker bookmark with a friendship quote and a heart-embossed background. I used red, blue and gold (yellow) shaker bits. :)
Crafty Al
Project Red, Yellow, Blue Bookmark with Dry Embossing and Friend. What better friend but grandmother and granddaughter.
Carol Sanquenetti
My embossed magnet bookmark is removable and reveals the fun friendship sentiment.
Allison Cope
Alberta, Canada
3x6" bookmark with blue floral embossing-sanded so you can see it flowers in red-yellow-blue neutrals of white & brown & friend sentiment.
Bonnie Szwalkiewicz
Ann Donahue
The tag is the bookmark, red, yellow, & blue (grass is gray), best friends a girl and her pup, dry embossing on the white strip across the card.
Lisa Stanley
I did super simple this week. It's a flap that goes around the page. The yellow is polkadot embossed.
Arielle Stephenson
Kathy Hering
Not my best work, but I made a bookmark for my best friend who loves cats. And I used a stamp from a gifted set that I never expected to use!
Anna Christopherson
Tree embossing folder, truck bookmark fits in tree trunk, man’s best friends, yellow labs, red truck, blue background
LuAnn Johnson
A corner bookmark for my crafty bestie!
Hildenell Vilchez
This one a little more challenging for me, but I think it came together nicely Bookmark ✅ Red, Yellow, Blue ✅ Best Friend ✅ Dry Embossing ✅
Karen Goddard
Sydney, Australia
Alessa Lemoine
Mickey and his best pal Pluto
Vicki Ruta
Essex, United Kingdom
Corner bookmark with matching card. Yellow, blue, red, embossed yellow, blue lace, and red ribbon. Friend stamp with flutterbys and blue gems.
Lorissa Woolley
Out of my comfort zone, coloring. Watercolored so I could blend for orange and green. A bookmark carrot with magnet. Dryembossed the background.
Christina Bromee
Friends- bookworms; bookmark in book pocket; red, blue and yellow; page lines dry embossed on book. Loved this challenge!
Kathy Nelson
South Carolina
I blended yellow ink over blue to create the green for my hillside. I colored the little girl and her best friend puppy using Copic markers.
Melissa Miller
Red, yellow, blue border. Reading and writing friends. Dry embossed feather and ink well. Bookmark.
Kay Wirrer
Blues-Bermuda Bay, Misty moonlight. Neutral-soft suede, tuxedo black. Real red and mango melody. Cloud stencil-Stampin Up. Stamp set-Stampin Up. Legal
Phaline Mays
This pocket card shows a couple of yellow hues with dry embossed stitches around the bookmark.
Liz Wheeler
Red yellow blue bookmark best friends embossed
Heidy Ryan
bookmark is tucked in a pocket and the sentiment is for the best friend element. Chevron embossing folder on both the yellow mat & blue pocket
Rose Dubberstein
bookmark is tucked in a pocket and the sentiment is for the best friend element. Chevron embossing folder on both the yellow mat & blue pocket
Karen Chester
"My best friend" chocolate bar because "The only thing you need in life is a friend who's got chocolate". Embossed hearts on choc-book mark
Boel Ask
Stacey Freier
26 March 2021 #54 Bookmark using yellow cardstock, blue ink, and red ink with the friends over embossed card front.
Caroloee Crabb
Jackie Muller
Whyalla, Australia
Dry embossed blue card, colors r n the braid as well as the dresses.
Lena Marie
This one had me stumped for a while, but I finally came up with something!
Vicki Tillett
North Carolina
My very “linear” submission for this week!
Mary Naber
The 5 x 7 from last week must have inspired me for this week. This is a kind of naughty stamp set from Ink Road Stamps.
Kathy Pisupati
My 49th consecutive entry. Bookmark. Red, Yellow, Blue. The birds are best friends. Scored the edges for embossing.
Patty Beck
Finally found paper that embossed well! (Theme is 11 yr old approved.) Used pigment ink, alcohol markers, and metallic watercolors.
Rachel Castle
Dry embossing: clouds, honeycomb pattern and lines with a scoring board on the beehive. The beehive is a bookmark. That was a fun challenge!
Sylvia Podrazik
Colchester, United Kingdom
I made a bookmark card for my best friend, using red, yellow and blue papers and ink with a dry embossed layer on card front.
Jean Benson
Chickie best friends out looking for mischief... dry embossing at top of bookmark,
Susan Smurf Murphy
I only used red, blue, and yellow inks for the back ground and dry embossed some stars.
Diana Borsboom
Victoria, Canada
On the front, I dry-embossed coins by rubbing them. The coordinating bookmark is inside the card, in a pocket (picture 2)
Ellen CardMonkey Jarvis
Slimline card Red yellow and blues w/bestie stamped in linen ink on the bookmark. Dry embossed card front distressed with yellow ink. die cuts.
Danille Wagner
Brown is my neutral color. Wood grain embossing folder. Using a stamp set from 1997! Such fun
Georgia Miller
Blue, yellow and Red, bookmark, best friend, and dry bossing. I really tried to complete this during the live. I wasn't happy with results. :(
Nora LaCroix
Candy Apple Red, Lemonade, Glacier, dry embossed on the back side of bookmark. Colored star brad with copics.
Sue Masoner
The bone comes out for the bookmark. This was a fun card and another one that pushed me to try something different.
Jacque Rippe
2 bookmarks for 2 friends to read 2gether! Pawprints dry embossed on red, book stacks in perfect pearls on blue portion of the pocket card!
Ava Bellon
my granddaughter Maddie's 1st submission! bookmark inside the pocket (a la MaryGunnFunn). Maddie distress dry embossed, colored and stamped all.
Maddie / Ava Bellon
Friday nite craft nite with mom Ava and daughter Maddie - this is my bookmark entry for Wk53. This was FUNN and we hope to make it a tradition!
Danica Burlingame
Amy Edge
Oh boy, I underestimated this challenge!! Dry embossing on middle tag was done by scoring a frame around edge, used embossing folder on other 2.
Denise Oguinn
James and I had so much Funn making bookmarks for each other!
Jennifer Hunstad & James
You can't see it in the photo but I did dry embossing between sky/ground. Inspired by Ardyth & a bookmark card she had on IG.
Wendi J.
Blue background, embossed with stars, bestfriends. The center piece pulls out.. the bestfriends hold the bookmark in place.
Amy Keeler
For this bookmark I used a un shower paper and the i
Cristina Pazmino
Galaxy blended background red, yellow & blue; Dry emb: vellum; best friends: earth and galaxy are BFF. Bookmark is nested w/globe exposing moon
Angela Steinhoff
Stacy Burns
New York
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