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Card With Flaps
Forest Colors
Leaf/leaves or tree(s)

Craft Roulette Episode 56, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on April 9, 2021, featured special guest Alicia, also known as Crafty Al. The project parameter for this episode was to create a card with flaps, while the color parameter was forest colors. The element parameter required the use of leaf/leaves or tree(s) in the project. Lastly, the random parameter added an extra challenge of tearing.

During the episode, Mary and Alicia showcased their creativity by spinning the wheel and incorporating the given parameters into their crafting projects. The resulting cards featured flaps, forest colors, and incorporated leaf/leaves or tree(s). The tearing element added an interesting texture and dimension to the final designs. Viewers were inspired by the spontaneous and improvisational nature of the show, as Mary and Alicia demonstrated their crafting skills and shared tips and techniques along the way.