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About The Episode

Episode #57 was a blast with Ink It Up with Jessica's Jessica Taylor! Before the show, Jessica really studied the parameters hard to determine her veto. She chose the element "Car(s) and/or Truck(s)", and for the first time - the wheel landed on the vetoed element! What FUNN! Another FUNN twist is the fact that Jessica will be back on Tuesday for our Episode #57 Contributor Showcase as we review the over SEVENTY submissions! I'm looking forward to spending more time with her and your cards.

Episode #57 also got Patty Beck over her 52 week journey of consecutive submissions hump! Hats off and cue the parade! Well done, Patty! I think we are all so proud of your commitment, encouragement, and inspiration as we have been watching your accomplishment! Will Patty take a week off? Will she be back next week? Time will tell. All I know is, congratulations are in order and, Patty, kiss your brain from all of us at Craft Roulette!

There are a LOT of submissions this week, too!  Wow! You contributors took off with the spins! Many of you mentioned how much you enjoyed the combination, and it showed. Enjoy what everyone sent in and be sure to visit our Contributor Showcase on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Central (click subscribe, notify, and set reminder, too) when I review each of these beauties on a YouTube LIVE event.