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Pink & Black
Cats or Dogs

Craft Roulette Episode 59, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on April 30, 2021, featured special guest Allison Cope. The crafting challenge was to create a gatefold project using the color combination of pink and black. The additional element parameter was to incorporate either cats or dogs into the design. To add an extra twist, the random parameter for this episode was vellum.

With these parameters in mind, Mary and Allison embarked on their creative journey, spinning the wheel to determine their fate. Throughout the episode, they showcased their improvisational skills, sharing tips and techniques to create stunning gatefold projects. The challenge pushed their creativity as they incorporated pink and black hues, cats or dogs, and vellum into their designs. The result was a showcase of unique and inspiring crafts that demonstrated the endless possibilities of spontaneous crafting.