Episode #59

April 30, 2021


Gatefold card


Pink and black


cats or dogs



About The Episode

Episode archive posted on May 3, 2021

Enjoyed crafting with a new Guest Crafter on #59. Allison Cope was so easy to work with and I had such a nice time chatting with her. It was so appropriate that the wheel gave us cats (or dogs), too, because Ally is not only a talented paper crafter and stamp designer, she is a cat looooover! You’ll enjoy meeting her on this episode, too, I think. Be sure to check out her blog and see all the wonderful projects she makes!

She will be back in July along with some of her crafty buddies, too. Mark your calendar for July 2nd when Ally is back with Sandy Boone from Three Room Studio, and Candice Richardson. It is sure to be a night you won’t want to miss.

Onto the submissions – for having a limited color palette, you all sure brought a lot of variety! Well done! There are cats with birds, dogs with cats, cats in envies and mailboxes, big cats and dogs, and little cats and dogs. Have FUNN getting inspired by this week’s over 70 submissions, and join Ally and me on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Central for Contributor Showcase when we discuss each card that was submitted!

Many thanks to our Spin Sponsors for this week’s viewers and contributors! Please give a big heart to Penguin Palace Stamps for their generous gift certificate, and Ally Cope for her FUNN gift certificates to Catherine Pooler stamps.

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Thank you to all you fab viewers, Guest Crafters, moderators, FB helpers, and contributors. We love having you in our crafty lives. KYB

Mary Gunn FUNN


Allison Cope

Ally Cope

Guest Contributors

Black white and gray printed papers, 3 dogs in neutral colors each with a pink accent, pink on the inside of the card, vellum behind the flap
LuAnn Johnson
Bonnie Szwalkiewicz
The card is a gate fold with a “belly band” made of black cardstock and vellum strips to keep it closed. I picked a dog image.
Melissa Pryzby
Gate Fold ✅ Pink & Black ✅ Cat (Meerkat) ✅ Vellum✅ Look closely at the little pink critter, he’s stamped and coloured on vellum.
Karen Goddard
Sydney, Australia
Gate fold from the bottom to top at 2 and 1/8 scored. Used pink , black ,vellum ,and the cat
Melanie Foy
Gate fold, black base & layer, pink is my vellum I did with alcohol and the only stamp I have with me is this cat..
Kim Blackburn
New Mexico
Pink and black, dotted vellum behind image, gatefold,and a cat.
Kathy Hering
Clear plastic wrapping used instead of vellum as the frame around "happy mail". There's a banner on the inside saying " happy birthday ".
Karen Chester
Elaine Anderson
Little dog/ Inked vellum/pink and black gatefold card.
Hildenell Vilchez
Vellum stenciled with pink and black plaid pattern. Image colored with copic markers.
Kimberlee Breslin
OK Gate fold in middle,pink and black,cat vellumn on flowers and the inside.....whick is only words.....and a cat shadow.
Arlene Ditizio
This is my gate fold, pink and black card with a dog and vellum...fun parameters!
Lynda Bendik
Shelly Gentry
Vicki Ruta
Essex, United Kingdom
Survival-craft roulette style. Out of town. Craft supplies are nail scissors, kids paint, marker, pencil, broken ruler, washi, glue, napkin.
Jackie Muller
WHyalla Jenkins, Australia
z fold, vellum emboss with bricks, black cats on pink cardstock.
Lorissa Woolley
Image and greeting are clip art from the internet. Doily is vellum.
Vicki Tillett
North Carolina
Sue Bruch
Pink vellum. This cute stamp was only cat or dog I had.
Jen Bruch
I used vellum as a mat for my patterned paper and sticklers for the collar on the kitty. I also used a small Velcro dot to fold the closure.
Rachel Castle
Rush rush rush....on my way out the door! But not until I submit my take on this week episode!!
Nora LaCroix
The mat behind the black circle is vellum.
Ann Moen
Heffy Doodle Stitched Alphabetters; MFT Stamps Unicorns & Glitter; Oak Street Design Bubble Stencil; Stampin’ Up Blends, Ink & Cardstock
Breina Burgin
This was a tough one! I didn't have Vellum so I used pink polka dot tissue paper. My sister & I added our own parameter to use the same supplies
Heidi Wendt
So hard not to use orange on my tiger. The inside says let your troubles Float Away. So much Funn!
Cherie Pemberton
Fun Challenge Pink and black, dog or cat, gate fold and vellum
Heidy Ryan
Kay Wirrer
5" x 5" Gatefold. Cut paper 5" x 10". Score at 2 1/2", and 7 1/2".
Toni Tee
Made belly band using the vellum and put a black strip around it also. Used Tim Holtz Crazy Dog stamp
Lyn Sprengel
Made belly band using the vellum and put a black strip around it also. Used Tim Holtz Crazy Dog stamp
Alessa Lemoine
Made belly band using the vellum and put a black strip around it also. Used Tim Holtz Crazy Dog stamp
Laura Ellis
Essex, United Kingdom
Gatefold card. Pink&Black. Dog image from Unity stamp company. Vellum colored with alcohol markers and embossed with puppy paws. 9th submission. Legal
Phaline Mays
Who says dogs and cats can't get along!?! These 4 parameters felt very natural :) Used a paper pack that has been sitting for years!! Yay!!
Ava Bellon
Pink and black gatefold, poodle and the vellum peeks out under the skirt as der petticoat. I created and cut this on my Cricut.
Ellen CardMonkey Jarvis
The vellum is hiding behind the pink and black sentiment--you might have to squint to find it! My kids said to add a 2nd cat inside the card. =)
Anna York
Miss Kitty dressing up the vellum bellyband while the wild ones serenade her. Got my older cat stamps out for lots of Funn!
Susan Smurf Murphy
Melissa Faust
Karen Drain
Sandee Carlson
I love that this group pushes me out of my comfort zone. I was very pleased with how this card came out!
Stacy Burns
Gatefold, pink and black, cat, vellum is under the pink swirls on the front as well as being used as the base for the cat scratches.
Victoria Lynch
My submission....Black and pink, Gatefold, Pet, vellum. No vellum, used parchment paper. Sentiment inside.
Carol Sanquenetti
The vellum cat with black spots is quietly watching the little butterflies. Butterflies were punched from a paint sample strip.
Patty Beck
A gatefold weddingcard with a shakerheart. "Nonwoven" background, didn't have vellum that matched. Inside it just says "wishes".
Christina Bromee
Still needs a sentiment and more embellishments but the parameters are met. Just wanted you to know that I'm still watching if not submitting.
Claire Rope
New Zealand
A tin of color crayons, wax paper, kitchebmn shears, black marker, & a glue stick = tongue in cheek birthday card. Happy Crafting from my son's.
Lena Marie
Lorri Carlson
1. Diagonal Gate Fold Card, 2. Pinks x 2 & Black, 3. Dogs x3, 4. Vellum (almost forgot) Birthday Wishes This was fun.
Marianne Schall
Barrie, Ontario
Brian Dickey
Fake embossed by punching shapes from same color card-stock and gluing. Liquid pearls and glossy accents used to create the “broach”
Sharalyn Propst
The vellum is embossed with the dogs prints and glued to the front. Not my best but it needed to be quick and simple. I had scrapbooking to do!
Brenda Gentry
Faux Cat is a joke with my cousin. The vellum is under the light pink layered.
Heather Huang
New York
Deluxe Gatefold card for my Laura`s birthday, still got box to make. Vellum used between the doors and coloured with pink Sharpie on butterflies
Dawn Quadling
Thetford, United Kingdome
Vellum belly band and scalloped circle. I used bone embossing folder on metallic pink card then buffed raised parts which left white bones.
Sylvia Podrazik
Colchester, UK
A quick and easy PINK & BLACK GATE FOLD card whith a CAT stamped on VELLUM. The text says: Instead of a text message. Thanks for a FUNN spin!
Boel Ask
I'm not a card maker. I'm going to use this to make a donation to my local Humane Society.
Leslie Herman
Creation for episode #59. I used vellum for the backdrop for the balloons. First time doing a gatefold card.
Diana Borsboom
British Columbia, Canada
Kim Wolff
New Mexico
Mother's Day card from the cats. Floating Gate fold card with a little spot light coloring. Sentiment embossed on vellum. Not a fan of pink
Wendi Jarvis
Hildenell Vilchez
Pink and black ✔ gatefold ✔ dog ✔ vellum ✔. Used vellum for the stencil for my two dogs and gatefold. Only did 1 card but consider this a 2 in 1
Angela Steinhoff
I liked it better before I added the vellum. Good parameters.
Lee Kendel
Alberta, Canada
Gatefold card, pink and black (the pink paper has little cat head shapes on it), cats or dogs, and vellum (the frame around the focal point)
Lisa Stanley
Vellum is under black. The inside says 'friendship is the most fragrant'. Wish I had more time to play with this but ran out of time.
Jacque Rippe
Pink/Black, Gate Fold (off set), Cat and Vellum. I almost forgot the vellum. So I just covered the pink leaves on the right side of the card.
TR's Place
New York
Proud to have used paper scraps from my scrap pile with the exception of the vellum under my sentiment. Funn as always!!!
Denise Oguinn
The printer burped out a black kitty, then my nice pink one. Then it started to run out of ink, and one caught just the end, then oops, Vellum!
Jamie Watts
This week is my twin nieces' birthday. So I made 2 birthday cards for them using this week parameters. I coloured the cats paper.circle gate....
Cris Pazmino
Hello from this little pink cat lady!
Sandy Boone
Saskatoon, Canada
Gate Fold, Black & Pink, Dog or Cat, Vellum - the wheel was very kind this week!!
Sue Masoner
30 April 2021 Gatefold card in pinks and black with a cat or dog and vellum. The vellum has the alcohol technique on it.
Carolee Crabb
Kathy Nelson
South Carolina
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