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Water Color Pencils
Embossed Frame

Craft Roulette Episode 6, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on April 17, 2020, featured an exciting crafting challenge. The project parameter for this episode was a crown, inspiring the participants to create unique and beautiful crown-themed crafts. The color parameter for the projects was pastels, adding a soft and delicate touch to the creations. To further enhance their designs, the element parameter was watercolor pencils, allowing the crafters to incorporate beautiful watercolor effects into their projects. Lastly, the random parameter for this episode was an embossed frame, adding an elegant and textured element to the crafts.

With these four parameters in mind, the crafters on Craft Roulette Episode 6 showcased their creativity and improvisation skills. Despite the challenge of working with random parameters, they were able to create stunning crown-themed crafts using pastel colors and watercolor pencils. The addition of an embossed frame added a unique and sophisticated touch to their projects, resulting in a diverse range of beautiful and inspiring creations.