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Tri-fold Card
Yellow, Green, Blue
Fussy cut

About The Episode

Bitty Penny came to the wheel tonight along with her cheer squad, hard hat, and game! What a FUNN night of chit chat and crafting I had, and I hope you did, too. The wheel didn't stump Bitty Penny for a minute. She ended up with a couple of her signature vintage eclectic style projects which surely was to the delight of all. Thank you so much for joining us, Bitty Penny.

Episode #61's submissions are once again, tremendously diverse and absolutely inspiring! It is always such a joy to review all these projects and see your craft passion show through in each card. Each of the wheel's four parameters were expressed so individually, and the interpretations are vast.  I appreciate so many faithful contributors and welcome our newer and first timers, too. Well done, KYBs!

Thank you and congratulations to Patty Beck for being a Spin Sponsor and continuing her contribution record this week. Patty is a great support to us and to our audience, too. Girl, you are fantastic. Thank you.

Quick reminder that Craft Roulette is a community sponsored game show. We are not affiliated with any companies in a selling or advertising capacity, nor are we a part of any direct sale companies. We appreciate our patrons tremendously as they keep our shows ad free! Our patrons get FUNN perks like extra content, weekly veto power, behind-the-scenes videos, and support as a thank you.  To learn how you can help us, click here. 

Also, last week was our last regularly scheduled Contributor Showcase. I really did love talking about all your submissions, and I will continue to do so on our Craft Roulette Show FB group (please answer the questions for automatic group approval). Please post in the group, along with your submissions here for comment. Thank you for giving me something cute to talk about!

Have a great week, y'all, see you on our free online campus, FUNN University, and next Friday on Craft Roulette with a new Guest Crafter Ashley Young! KYBs!