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About The Episode

Ashley Young (Ashley Young Papers) and Luna (her beautiful kitty) joined us on Craft Roulette on Episode #62 and we're so glad they did! I think it is so interesting in hearing how the "new generation" of card makers have started their hobby, and Ashley's story was still another unique story. The wheel absolutely delighted Ashley! Ashley's cute card (which came together quickly for her) is clear evidence of how much she enjoyed the parameters. Thank you, Ashley and Luna, for making the evening so lovely.

You are going to love this week's submissions! Your cards range from an elegant card with butterfly critters to made-up cute monster critters with nearly everything in between! The confetti (first time for this parameter) interpretation is equally vast and so very interesting! Thank you, all, for taking time from your weekend to craft for our viewers and us. KYB!

Patty Beck again gets a special nod for being a Spin Sponsor for a couple lucky contributors from Episode #61, and for her outstanding 57th submission in a row! Thank you so much for your faithful support.

Speaking of faithful support, there are number of you with over 20, 30, and even 40 submissions. Be watching our Craft Roulette Show Facebook group for a special shout out this week. You all should get awards for being remarkable contributors, and in my heart, you have one.

We hope the new submission form and thank you email was satisfactory for you. Craft Roulette is no longer a show up on Friday and do a live, it is a daily event in Mr. Producer and my lives, and we love it. Just this weekend we updated our mic system (again) so our show will be the best sounding and visual experience we can offer because you deserve it.