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6" x 6" card
Cool Colors
Car or Truck

Craft Roulette Episode 63, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on May 28, 2021, featured special guests Ardyth Percy-Robb, Julie Carriere, and Karen Boyce. The challenge for this episode was to create a 6" x 6" card using cool colors and incorporating a car or truck element. As a random parameter, the participants were also required to include an envelope in their project.

The episode showcased the creativity and improvisation of the crafters as they spun the wheel and embraced the challenge. Each guest brought their unique style and techniques to their projects, resulting in a variety of stunning 6" x 6" cards featuring cool colors and car or truck elements. The addition of the envelope added an extra touch of functionality to the designs. Overall, it was an exciting and inspiring episode of Craft Roulette.