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6" x 6" card
Cool Colors
Car or Truck

About The Episode

If one Guest Crafter is FUNN, why not try three?

YES! For the second time in Craft Roulette history, we had 3 Guests on at once. Mr. Producer makes this all happen - he is genius.

Ardyth Percy-Robb, Julie Carriere, and Karen Boyce (a.k.a. The Three Lockdown Queens of Ontario) joined us for a night of "craftertainment" at the Craft Roulette wheel. The wheel, took some FUNNy spins and I wondered how these three very experienced and talented crafters would handle the parameters. Turns out, they handled it with great decorum, deftness, and aptitude.  Each one, also, had a very different interpretation, but all turned out to be very attractive cards.

BIG thanks to our Three Lockdown Queens! You were superb guests and crafters, both!

Now, let's talk submissions. How do you do this week in and week out - you find stamps and papers you've forgotten, and make them into something adorable. Plus, all the submissions take on your own signature looks whether they be cutesy, vintage, or classic. You take die cuts, fussy cut images, and ideas I've never entertained and make them fit the parameters - no matter how wacky they seem! Thank you for being such imaginative crafters who are kind enough to share with us.

Last week I started recognizing milestones on our FB group and I think I'll try it again this week. It is FUNN to watch the encouragement and kindness that forms with these posts. You all deserve a big nog smooch.

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