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Card with Pattern Paper
Any 4 Colors
Smile or Smiles

Craft Roulette Episode 65, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on June 11, 2021, featured special guest Bitty Penny. The challenge for this episode was to create a card using pattern paper. Participants were also given the freedom to choose any four colors to incorporate into their projects. Additionally, the element parameter for this episode was to include a smile or smiles in the design. Lastly, the random parameter was tone-on-tone, adding an extra layer of creativity to the challenge.

Throughout the episode, crafters showcased their improvisational skills as they spun the wheel and embraced the given parameters. The resulting projects were diverse and unique, with each participant incorporating pattern paper, their chosen colors, and smiles in their card designs. The tone-on-tone element added an interesting twist, allowing crafters to explore different shades and variations within their chosen color palette. Overall, Craft Roulette Episode 65 was a fun and inspiring showcase of creativity and spontaneity in the world of crafting.