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Smile or Smiles

About The Episode

Bitty Penny came in ready to go to work with her hard hat on! Doesn't she make us all smile? She made the wheel smile, too, and so we got the parameter of "smile(s)" to work with. I know a lot of our viewers follow and are subscribed to Bitty Penny's social media sites, but if you aren't, get to it! She is always sharing something encouraging, cute, and FUNN.  Here is a link to all of our fabulous Guest Crafters. Just click on their name and you'll get links to their social sites and Craft Roulette episodes. BTW, Mr. Producer does not only moderate on our shows, he has created and coded all of our graphics, websites, and more.

Apparently, this was a well received set of parameters! You just blow me away with your creative interpretations, and this week, you blew the lid off with so many ideas! BIG BIG smooches to your noggins, contributors!
Welcome to our new contributors this week: Erica Sivils, Monique Louise, and Grandma Gaye R. Thanks for jumping in and sharing your cards.
BIG 6-0 milestone goes to Patty Beck! What can I say?

Thank you to all!
Bitty Penny, thank you for jumping in and filling a Friday when we needed you! Thank you, too, for your gifts from Cynthia at BottleBobbles, and your Etsy store!
Thank you, chat! Loved reading about your sit or stand crafting and your music preferences. Remember to hear radio stations all over everywhere!
Thank you, moderators (Ellen, Sherri, Crafty Al, and Mr. Producer), for reminding viewers to subscribe, give thumbs ups, and fielding questions. You are the best.
Thank you, Lisa Stanley, for donating the cute Mama Elephant stamp set as a Spin Sponsor.
Thank you, contributors, for sending in SO many beautiful cards. You guys are impressive as ever!
Thank you, patrons, for supporting our shows and helping others enjoy paper crafting. New this week, we'd like to welcome Denise Oguinn & Vicki Ruta upgrade to BIG FUNNder
You are helping us stay ad free and on the air three times a week!