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About The Episode

We were so happy to invite and host Heather Telford on our 66th episode of Craft Roulette! Judging the comments I've been reading and hearing, you are equally happy, too. She wowed us with the ease of making a gorgeous card with distress markers, a stamping platform, and the good use of ink. We are also so grateful for her bonus gift of her new online class! Someone is going to get somethin pretty special! Thank you so much, Heather, and her supportive family! You were lovely and FUNN.

The parameters may have stumped you for a minute, but not once you started creating! Once again, you sent in lots of submissions with so many feels from dreamy and wistful to clever to the farm to the sea to the air and to downright FUNNy! Well done, you clever craftettes! Thank you for tagging us with  #marygunnFUNN or #craftroulettechallenge on your social media posts, too. It is so nice to see your enjoyment with each share.

Speaking of sharing, since we do not advertise on our Craft Roulette channel, we may not be very boosted by our platform. That means we need YOU to help invite your friends with shares, thumbs up, and subscribing to our channels. Thanks so much. We are funded by our patrons and we would like to thank our three newest members at the time of the show:
Sharon Kaster (in the red chair), Karen Cadogan, and Jacque Rippe! SALUTE!

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Extra thanks to Lisa Stanley and Patty Beck for making some #66 extra FUNN with some gifts for our contributors. We love some FUNN around the wheel!
Thanks to our faithful and FUNN moderators!