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Any Color But Green
Metallic or Foil

About The Episode

About the Episode & our Guest Crafter

We all enjoy our evening together when Christine Bertram joins up LIVE from The Hive. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her pleasant personality is a joy to spend time with. This was her third time at the wheel and we laughed a little about how she re-used some of the supplies for this card as she did on her second episode. But, no one would laugh at the results. I love how different the two cards are. It is a testimony to the versatility of our tools and supplies. Thank you, Chris, for another FUNN night at the wheel.
Learn more about Chris by clicking "The Guest" tab under the video.

We had a cameo appearance by Kirwin. See him steal the show, here is a clip from the #KirwinCam

About the Parameters & Submissions

Slimlines are not my favorite go-to card size (varies, but generally is 3.5" x 8.5"), but I appreciate them for the challenge they bring. I like my "Lil' Chubbie" size (4" x 8") so much better. I find the final design more pleasing to me for creating and viewing. "Afternoon" certainly brought out your creativity and personality! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy "Gallery" below.

WELL DONE, Miss Patty
You will notice our card submission leader is missing this week. Yes, after 61 (SIXTY-ONE) submissions in a row, Patty Beck didn't send in one of her cute cards. I was buzzing through the emails last night after I got in bed, and noticed her name was missing. I emailed her, and ever since I heard back from her, I have felt a bit sad, but so thankful and amazed at her faithful submission streak!
April 10th, 2020 was Patty's first submission with these crazy parameters: Bag-a-lope, Traditional Christmas Colors, Embossing, and hole punch.
Please join me in thanking and blowing crafty kisses to Patty for inspiring us to keep creating, keep submitting, and keep us inspired. Thank you, Patty, KYB.

Welcome to our Newest Patrons

We are a community supported show (along with FUNN University and Cut the Crap & Create). We are not associated with any direct sales companies or other company with affiliates, or sales. So, we totally depend on your support to keep us ad-free, and on the air. We may not be very boosted by our platform. That means we need YOU to help invite your friends with shares, thumbs up, and subscribing to our channels.
We are so thankful for our patrons and welcome these new fabulous friends to our private blog as our supporters:
Bitty Penny (Guest Crafter), Anita Autore, Leslie Herman (upgrade), Leslie Benson (Guest Crafter), Grandma Gaye Robison, and Sue Masoner.
KYB and we hope you will enjoy our extra private content. Learn more about becoming a patron of marygunnFUNN here.

Craft Roulette Gamified Scrapbooking Update

We had a great Saturday crop and I thank you so much for joining us. It is a joy to see you play along, but even better to know you are saving memories. Well done.
We will soon (the next few days) have an announcement about our Craft Roulette Gamified Scrapbooking. Be watching for it - I think we just kicked this gig over the moon!

Spin-Sponsors for #67

It is always extra special to give away nice gifts to those who have joined us by submitting their interpretations. We call those who donate classes and product "Spin-Sponsors", and we want to give a special thanks to this week's Spin-Sponsors:
Heather Telford (Guest Crafter) donated a free enrollment to her most recent online class Floral Faves.
Lisa Stanley for her donation of Cuddlebug Sea Horses.
Thank you very much.

As always, thank you to our moderators, our chat members, our show sharers, contributors, and friends. You make this show happen. KYBs!