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About The Episode

Had a bunch of FUNN with our three from Three Room Studio! Sandy Boone, owner and designer; Ally Cope, design team member and organizer; and Candice Richardson, design team member all joined us for a 3-way view of parameter interpretation. All three ladies were wonderful guests with some surprises of their own for me! Sandy and Candice both made shirts for the show. Sandy (looking very #TeamPurple) had a shirt that said, "Welcome to the GUNN Show" and Candice (soon to enter medical school) had a "Kiss Your ..." and an image of a brain! Had a shirt, or rather no-shirt, experience at Ally's house before the show, too, as her hubs came into view without his shirt on! It is terribly hot there and it probably felt good. We had a good laugh, because we all feel like friends around the wheel. Ally wore her beautiful blue v-neck Craft Roulette shirt. All shirts looked lovely and made me feel the specialness of our Craft Roulette community.
Thank you, ladies! You made our show very FUNN.

About the Parameters & Submissions

There are so many times I can recall 3 of the parameters and then get totally stumped on the 4th, and I have to review all the parameters to make sure I added them in some way or another. Ever happen to you? My card, this month, took on a new direction all together than anything I think I've ever made - book spines. Oh, and of course , I've already created a lesson about how-to make these. Now, when to teach it?
Well done, contributors, on making outstanding cards again to delight and inspire us! It is always FUNN to get an early peek to many of them in our group, but here are a lot more for you. The wheel changed it up for us again, and gave us parameters never seen, and you rallied, even on our Independence Day Holiday! Well done! I always enjoy hearing what parameter you've never tried, or a new way the wheel made you think, or that you are going to make more using something heretofore new to you.
The creative expression and interpretation is the essence of Craft Roulette, and I love it! KYBs!

Welcome to our Newest Patron

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Jamie Watts (in the back row)
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Thank You!

Moderators - I really appreciate you helping with questions and clarifications! KYBs!
Spin Sponsors - Thank you, Christine Bertram, for donating one of your classes this week! I know that will be a treat to our winner. Thank you, too, Patty Beck, for donating the three small and adorable Christmas stamps.
Viewers - we really appreciate  you watching, giving us thumbs up, and sharing because our growth is organic, and not particularly grown by our platform.
Contributors - I love seeing new contributors and our faithful (mind blowingly faithful) contributors. You make this show an experience for many!
Encouragers - it is like dessert to see the kindness in the chat, the blooming friendships, and then the atta girls in our FB group. It is a true blessing to visit the group and feel the hearts.
Thank you.