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Card With Flaps
Blue +2
Cup or Glass
Blending Brushes

Craft Roulette Episode 68, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on July 2, 2021, featured special guests Sandy Boone, Allison Cope, and Candice Richardson. The project parameter for this episode was to create a card with flaps, adding an interactive element to the design. The color parameter was blue, with the added challenge of using two shades of blue. The element parameter was to incorporate a cup or glass into the project. Lastly, the random parameter for this episode was blending brushes, encouraging the use of this tool for creating beautiful blended backgrounds and effects.

Throughout the episode, the guests showcased their creativity and improvisation skills as they spun the wheel and embraced the challenge of combining the given parameters. They shared tips, techniques, and ideas for incorporating flaps, cups or glasses, and blending brushes into their card designs. The resulting projects were unique and inspiring, demonstrating the endless possibilities that can arise from the combination of random crafting parameters. Craft Roulette continues to be a fun and exciting show that encourages crafters to think outside the box and create something truly one-of-a-kind.