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Any Color But Yellow
Starts with T

About The Episode

Episode #70 was just fresh and FUNN with our first time guest Stacy Sansom (a.k.a. StacyThacie). Her family came in the chat to support her and we can see why her family loves her. She has an interesting and encouraging story about how she started cardmaking. I hope it will encourage our community to remember to reach out and share this FUNN hobby to someone who may not appear to "be the cardmaking type". Thank you, Stacy, for joining us. I've re-watched parts of the show and I couldn't help but notice how much we giggled. Well done!

About the Parameters & Submissions

Easel cards are always an easy upgrade to a card and so easy to do, too! There are always a handful of "I've never made an easel card before", sometimes, like this week, it is our Guest Crafter! No one did too much complaining about no yellow, but it is hard not having it as an option, isn't it? "Starts with 'T'" was a fantastically wide parameter and you guys had so much FUNN with it! I had FUNN going on a "T" search.  Sounds like a game you could play with a kid. I loved opening your cards and seeing how you used this parameter. Shimmer, which seems less likely to be widely interpreted, was actually quite widely interpreted.

I just love seeing your submissions! Seventy-seven cards total are in the gallery. That is more than one card an hour - KYBs!

Patrons Welcome

So, what is this Patreon thing?

In a nutshell, our three shows are supported by our patrons as I have no affiliates, no craft products to market, or receive funds from any direct sales or other companies. So, we rely on our viewers who believe in and enjoy our shows (Craft Roulette, Cut the Crap & Create, and FUNN University) to help us defray our costs and keep us ad free.

In return of their support, we have a private blog, offer bonus content (such as a post-show podcast of Mr. Producer and me talking about the show), veto power, extra card info, and an entire scrapbook program with classes and crops  just for our Club FUNN patrons!

We know it isn't for everyone, but we'd appreciate having you consider being a patron. Click here for details. 

Thank you, patrons! My heart swells a little bit each time I see your names.

Thank You!

Moderators – I really appreciate you helping with questions and clarifications! KYBs!
Spin Sponsors – Thank you, Lisa Stanley for donating stamp sets and Cynthia from Bottle Bobbles for donating her glue bottle bobbles!  I know that will be a treat to our winner.
Viewers – we really appreciate  you watching, giving us thumbs up, and sharing because our growth is organic, and not particularly grown by our platform.
Contributors – I love seeing new contributors and our faithful contributors.  Be sure to join us on our FB group. You make this show a great creative resource for many!
Encouragers – it is like dessert to see the kindness in the chat, the blooming friendships, and then the atta girls in our FB group. It is a true blessing to visit the group and feel the hearts.
Thank you.