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Yellow + 2 Colors
Tasty treat(s)
Polka Dots

About The Episode

It was nice to have the bandaged Wendy join us for this episode (her second time to the wheel). We got to see her puppy Skeeter Octavia and my kitty Kirwin, who tried to spin the wheel (see 41:00 on the show). For the second time in Craft Roulette history, the spin landed on the Guest Crafter's veto. This week Wendy vetoed "summer sports" and she got her way. The parameters ended up very favorably for many Craft Rouletteers.  Thank you, Wendy, for joining us and your ice cream inspiration!

About the Parameters & Submissions

The parameters apparently were very friendly and inspiring because who doesn't like "tasty treats"? A big pile of Oreos, ice cream, mushrooms, cupcakes, and so many cute creations! I'm glad cards are calorie packed, because I would have gained a lot of weight this weekend!  The "polka dot" parameter seemed rather unimportant in some ways, but I loved all the ways you used the parameter - embossing folders, stencils, 3-dots by the sentiment, as foreground, background, and as part of the element - well done! It reminded me of how FUNN the confetti parameter was a couple of weeks ago. KYB

We have some junior crafters joining us this week, too! Thanks for you submissions, girls, and well done moms for helping your children craft. Love that!

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Thank You!

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