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About The Episode

Episode #73 was an anniversary, of sorts, for Craft Roulette as it marked a year since we started having Guest Crafters. Jayma Malme was our first Guest Crafter, so we had to have her back! It took us four weeks, but after that Guest Crafters became our normal way to play (except for one week). Thank you, Jayma; we're so glad you got us started on this adventure!

Why have Crafty Al on during this show? Crafty Al was the first Guest to request to be on the show! She is one great gal, too, and we've enjoyed her on every episode. She also does a remarkable job of sharing Craft Roulette on her shows, is one of our trusted moderators, and the only Guest Crafter who has ever visited us! Thank you, Crafty Al!

Ardyth Percy-Robb was our first International Guest Crafter. She also has introduced us to many of her crafty friends who have been or will be on the show. During the show, Sandy Boone (who we met through Ardyth, granted me honorary "Canadian citizenship")! It's always a pleasure to host her, we appreciate how this model guest promotes paper crafting!

These three started our Craft Roulette year off with our first 3-panel show on 01-01-2021, too. They are so special to us. Each of these three outstanding guests do so much for our paper crafting hobby and we are honored to have them in our community! Thank you.