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Fancy Fold
Inspired by Patterned Paper
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About The Episode

Katy Taylor, the queen of odd spins, had to be our Guest Crafter on a Friday 13th show, didn't she? And, while the parameters did seem to be a bit of an odd combo, she flew through them like the consummate crafter and guest she is. I had to laugh when she sent a picture of a black cat that was being friendly at the park after the show. But, Kirwin, the show's black cat, didn't come to visit me at all! Cats! What else can I say? Thank you, Katy, for being such a great sport and so willing! We really appreciate you.

About the Parameters & Submissions

Ha - I didn't imagine so many permutations of parameters, but I only have the imagination of one! There are maps of the skies, the seas, the land, and even to Craft Roulette! Well done, you all! I suggest you take note of all the FUNN folds, too. Goodness, so many crazy cool ideas to try and file. Have you started your Craft Roulette Pinterest board? If not, it might be a great time to do so. To see all the remarkable submissions this week, click "GALLERY" below, and have FUNN. Also, there is already a "Process Video" for this week's parameters by Mary Moisan.

Here are 3 ideas for making a short 5 - 10 minute process video:

  1. Examine your card and explain how you used the parameters.
  2. Show a couple other examples of your FUNN fold that you've used this week, and why you thought it would work best for your card.
  3. Reenact a special fold, coloring technique, stamping idea, etc. you used on your card instead of the entire process.

Process Videos can be submitted any time and for past episodes as well as the current one. Remember to read the instructions carefully, and our information to both the video and in your description. Have FUNN!.