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About The Episode

Welcome to Craft Roulette, Jess McAfee! We enjoyed our evening with you. Jess makes me laugh on her Instagram account as she lip syncs to songs, but she seriously does a great job with her clean and bright style of card making. Be sure to check her bio and follow her on her socials. You'll love her cheerful color combinations and I know you all love a good colorist, of which she is. Thank you so much for spending some time at the wheel, Jess. I know you were stretched with "red", but that is what the wheel does!

The Craft Roulette wheel is the Pilates of cardmaking by stretching your creativity muscle!

About the Parameters & Submissions

It was FUNN to show you the behind the scenes to my view of each week's submission board. It is so FUNNy when there is a color dictated by the wheel because the whole screen is filled with that color. Sometimes I shiver when it is blues, and then this week I was "alarmed" at all the red. You all really had FUNN with the parameters! There were lots of A2 cards, but there were also some jazzed up versions with a spinner, a magic window, acetate, a shaped card, shakers, and a swing card. You guys are creative! The fruit was FUNNy, too, with the discussion of what is a fruit, pumpkins, avocado, fruitcake, pies, lots of red fruit, and even a fermented fruit drink. Clever. Clever. Clever. Well done and thank you for carving out a "WINDOW" of time to join us for this week's challenge.

Our top three contributors stay firmly in place, but two of them hit an extra milestone, as well. Congratulations to our Top 3!
Sue Masoner with 60 contributions - that is just incredible
Jacque Rippe with "9 behind Patty" is so solid and these have been consecutively submitted. wow
Patty Beck turned in her 70th consecutive submission. Boys and girls; ladies and gentlemen; crafters and craftettes, this blows my mind! BRAVO!

Thank you, Patrons

Speaking of behind the scenes, each week Mr. Producer and I give our take and inside view of each Craft Roulette episode with bonus content. I have my notes in front of me for this week's discussion.

I'm getting ready for this Saturday's Scrapbook Game for our Club FUNN patrons. While it is too late to join us this month, we'd love to have you join us next month. To be eligible to join our Scrapbook Games which are on the last Saturday afternoon of the month, you need to pledge a $25 donation the month before on our Patreon page to qualify. Patreon charges your account on the first of the month, so donate now for the September Scrapbook Game!

We thank you all so much for your support of our shows. You help us defray and recover a few of our expenses over the past year+ of shows. In addition to that, we really are touched by your kindness and backing. I know this is a different form of support for most, but as we sell nothing (except merch) and get no kickbacks from companies, this is the only way we get financial and community support. Thank you for stretching with us.

FUNN University

No Labs this week, students! But, be sure to keep watching the FB FUNN University Lounge group for suggested activities and ideas on our regular Lab nights. This is a great time to try out some of the past classes and make some homework for our group to be inspired by!

Thank you, KYB, and CLICK GALLERY TO SEE ALL OF THE SUBMISSIONS, and Process Videos for more!