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Summer Sports

About The Episode

Episode #76 and we brought back Ashley Young to the wheel. I really like a quote I saw of Ashley's on her IG, " new Friday night hobby & it feels like crafting with friends every week." Well, I think it feels like crafting with friends because you are!
The neatest thing happened during the show, too. We had noticed that Ashley's YouTube account was only 34 subscribers away from 1,000. With a lively crowd in chat of supportive beautiful crafters, we threw out the challenge - go subscribe to Ashley's YouTube & let's get her to 1K subscribers before the show is over.


I was so FUNN to read as our reporters on the scene kept us up-to-date with the subscriber count. It was a moment.  Thank you, you awesome viewing friends!

Parameters and Submissions

We got off to a great and favorable start of "Your favorite" card, then things started getting weird. Vintage colors, Summer Sports element, and weaving really seemed like a crazy combo, but as we see most weeks, it doesn't stop our contributors! You guys thrive on this! Suddenly Vintage colors could mean so many different eras and looks. Summer Sports, which we'd be dreading all summer, finally on its final week as an option opened the flood gates to your ideas to flow out like crazy! What you have done with "woven" is nothing less than spectacular. You will see creative interpretations to these parameters throughout the gallery - go and enjoy! Thank you, contributors!

In the Gallery, you will see a remarkable display of creativity in interpretation and craftsmanship. I hope you enjoy them; I sure did. There are already several process videos, too. How FUNN is that? Thank you! Julie Carriere thinks a process video should count as 10 submissions; what do you think? :o)

I must admit I got caught up in the 1K goal for Ashley, and challenged our audience for a 100 card submission week. We didn't quite make it to all of the 100 - but there is nothing nothing shabby about 86 cards! Plus, great news - we'll have another chance this week! Thank you so much for all your excitement! 86 is remarkable and totally worth a kiss on the brain.
The support you have given by sharing the goal, getting your husbands to send in a card, your grandkids to send in a card, and so many of you is heart warming.Patrons

Our Club FUNN patrons are enjoying our Scrapbook Game we filmed live on Saturday. Our scrapbook game is exceeding all expectations on being something anyone can do and enjoy. We get together on the last Saturday of the month for 2 rounds of memory saving. It is just a blast. Seriously, give us a try. Club FUNN level patrons have an all-access pass to our private blog and scrapbooking FB group, and it is just getting better and better.

All levels of patrons will have a surprise for you on our Craft Roulette Show FB group on Labor Day.