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Card With Tag
Red, Yellow, Violet
Starts with "B"

About The Episode

Episode #77 brought a new Guest Crafter to the wheel. Kelly Taylor (and soon-to-be born baby) crafted with us and brought a lot of her YouTube friends, too. We enjoyed watching her on-the-spot card making and Copic coloring. Kelly also faced the color parameters like a boss, even though it was not to her liking at all! Love the dimension she coaxed from the coloring. KYB! Thank you, Mary Moisan, for suggesting Kelly to us.

Kelly and I discussed many topics including, advice to new crafters, chit chat about her soon-to-be-born baby, tips for getting on design teams, one-layer cards and details , and how busy her life is. Because she is so busy, we are especially grateful that she joined us for an episode. We look forward to hearing when the wee one shows up, and seeing if the wheel will give her blue (her boyfriend) next time! Thank you, Kelly!

Parameters and Submissions

The wheel gave a mixed bag of open parameters that were great for wild interpretation (Starts with "B" and Card with a Tag), but we also got a less than appreciated color combo of Red, Yellow, and Violet. However, you all doubled down on the parameters with some fantastic cards! Really excited to welcome ten new contributors and many, many faithful friends! Outstanding! So FUNN to see all the ways you fit in the colors and all the things that start with B! It feels a bit like Sesame Street; and I almost expect Bert (which starts with B) and Ernie to pop in to review the submissions. :o)

If you haven't joined our Craft Roulette Show Facebook group, we talk all about these cards and parameters each and every week. You're invited to join us.