Episode 8

May 1, 2020




Red + 2




something from my MESK!

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Episode archive posted on May 4, 2020

Do you just love learning about paper crafts and playing with creating? Do you find some of your happiest moments at your MESK! (my term for a perpetually messy desk)?

Me, too.
I also love teaching and sharing ideas, so others can experience those happy moments!

I love it so much, I dedicate about ten hours a day to helping others learn and enjoy paper crafting. It is my observation that crafters love learning the processes, the tricks, and nuances of cards, scrap booking, and other various projects so very much – we all do, right?
That was why I was a consultant for 20 years with a stamping company.

It is also the main reason I quit being a consultant, BTW, I love not being a consultant! I wanted to focus on teaching and sharing with my favorite community. I wanted to do so without limitations. So, I Created FUNN University and became the “Head Professor and Founder”.
As long as I had an income source (although, I made very little money compared to the product I bought) as a consultant, I held back my insight, and projects. Many do, it only makes sense. It’s cool. I knew, too, that the majority of my followers were associated with stamping companies, which is really cool! I love that they saw me as someone who had ideas to offer. I am so glad many of my co-consultants have followed me to my FB page, and to FUNN University! You are the brave seekers of creative ideas and I have loved getting to know you better! You can watch my “I Quit” video HERE, my story starts at 17:00.

Mary Gunn FUNN

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