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Postage Stamp

About The Episode

Episode #80 brought "The Great Julie Carriere" (as dubbed by moderator Ellen "Card Monkey" Jarvis) to the wheel for the 4th time! Even after four times, Julie admitted she was a bit nervous, but I sure couldn't tell! The Great Julie Carriere is always a lot of FUNN and adds levity and a dash of rarely-seen-on voice overs an honesty to our crafty times. Please follow Julie on her YouTube channel "The Scrap Zone" (which is now larger because of your help). She does a lot of scrapbooking videos, but card makers can glean great ideas from them, too, and maybe even help non-scrapbookers to try their hand at memory keeping. Thank you, The Great Julie Carriere!

Parameters and Submissions

Sometimes parameters look much worse in the column than they are to actually create with. The "Yellow background" and "Postage Stamp" fell into this category! The two "end parameters" were a piece of cake, but those two in the middle, well... How did it all turn out? Like a big blast of beautiful yellow sunshine with postage stamps interpreted in oodles of ways, and all SO interestingly. You can see what I mean in The Gallery below. Plus, Mary Moisan has a Process Video already for you, too. Thank you, all, for another exciting and inspiring week of submissions! You get "gooder" and "gooder" every week!

About Process Videos... I have tips and ideas for you on Episode #73. In a nutshell, there is currently no deadline to submit a process video. So, you content creators and content creator wanna-bes, have some FUNN and make some quick videos about a card you've made which was inspired by Craft Roulette! The submission form is in the drop-down menu, and once approved, the video will be added to that specific episode's Process Video tab.


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