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Cut Out Card
Orange +2
Wide Margin(s)

Craft Roulette Episode 81, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on October 1, 2021, featured special guests Alicia / Crafty Al, Bitty Penny, and Helen Schlette. The project parameter for this episode was a Cut Out Card, where the crafters had to create a card with a cut-out design. The color parameter was Orange +2, meaning that the crafters had to incorporate the color orange into their projects. The element parameter was Star(s), requiring the crafters to include stars in their designs. Lastly, the random parameter was Wide Margin(s), challenging the crafters to create cards with wide margins.

Throughout the episode, the crafters showcased their creativity and improvisation skills as they worked with the given parameters. Each crafter brought their unique style and techniques to their projects, resulting in a variety of stunning cut-out cards with orange accents and star elements. The wide margins added an interesting visual element to the cards, allowing for more space to showcase the intricate cut-out designs. Overall, Craft Roulette Episode 81 was filled with inspiration and innovative crafting ideas.