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About The Episode

Episode #81 was an especially FUNN show for many of us with three Guest Crafters bringing their own spin and flavor to the parameters. Dubbed "Crafty Al and her Pals", we got to host Crafty Al, Bitty Penny, and Crafty Mama Diaries to the wheel. Weren't they just a ton of FUNN? Since Craft Roulette is a live show, bloopers are totally included. Such was the case when Crafty Mama Diaries "threw" the bonefolder the opposite way to Bitty Penny! Oh, my stars! FUNNy thing was, it went well in rehearsal! Me and my big ideas - thank you guys, I loved it.

Crafty Al - we all loved the moment when Mr. Producer suggested the Broadway play "Hamilton" to use as her star parameter! If you haven't seen that moment, there is a screen shot in our "Community section of the Craft Roulette YT channel. Thank you, again, Crafty Al, with your SIXTH trip to the show! KYB!

Bitty Penny - you know Bitty Penny is serious when she shows up to the wheel with a hard hat on! So FUNN and so cute, Bitty Penny always brings a creative spin to the parameters! Great stuff! We really appreciate you joining us for your 3rd time. Thank you, BP.

Crafty Mama Diaries (Helen Schlette) - poor Helen was on medication for a bad tooth, no wonder she got confused with the bonefolder throw! There have only been a couple times when I have lost my "professional composure" and laughed hard during the show - and it seems to happen when this delightful woman joins us. Thank you, Helen! Hope your tooth is better!

Parameters and Submissions

The parameters turned out to be wildly broad for some really autumnal (and even a Christmas) interpretation! Goodness, Mr. Wheel, you do have a way with our creative muscle! Apparently, our dear viewers liked the parameters, too, because the gallery is overflowing with fabulous cards - wow! There should be some very well kissed nogs out there. Give yourself a round of applause. I love seeing how you take the 4 parameters and rock out every weekend. It is very touching to have you spend part of your weekend with us on the show and then with your creative submissions with us. Thank you!

Please note the first four submissions in The Gallery - these are our all-time contribution leaders, Patty Beck (76 consecutive submissions), Jacque Rippe (67 consecutive submissions), Sue Masoner (64 submissions), and Ellen CardMonkey Jarvis (59 consecutive submissions)! That is darn impressive. Thank you, ladies, you are so very much appreciated.


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This weekend, our patrons got an early look at my submission.