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Z-fold Card
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About The Episode

We welcomed Laurel Beard to Episode #82 as a first time Guest Crafter-Laugher! We had so much FUNN on the show with her upbeat, happy presence. Of course, the Wheel decided to throw in his 2 cents and give her a FUNN fold she'd not ever made - the Z-fold card! She had vetoed "robot", but after that first spin, she may have been wishing for mulligans. But, the Z-fold set up the evening for so much FUNN because of Laurel's go-with-it attitude.
We got to see the birth of new card fold, too, the "ZeeZal card", and I enjoyed seeing the "Queen of Swink" swink on her cute project. It was a cherry on top of a great evening. Seriously, it was a FUNN night and I thank you, Laurel, for bringing so many smiles, and thank you, Ardyth, for introducing me to this FUNN gal.

Parameters and Submissions

There are so many ways that a Z-fold card with a pocket and wood can be interpreted - BRAVO, 80+ contributors! I hope you will take some time and examine all the great ideas in The Gallery because it is FULL of inspiration! Pockets in pants, pockets in cards, secret pockets, and even marsupial pockets, there are pockets everywhere! Wood - you took that parameter and ran with it, too, with toothpicks, pegs, and siding, along with plenty of wood grain paper (even as a bear), and trees! Then, can we talk Z-fold ideas, too? Yes, we can, and we will on Tuesday, October 12th on FUNN University's FUNNdamentals Lab. 

TIP: make a Craft Roulette Pinterest board and you can save your favorite ideas right to your Pinterest board!


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