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Z-fold Card
Blue Background

Craft Roulette Episode 82, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on October 8, 2021, featured special guest Laurel Beard. The project parameter for this episode was a Z-fold card, where the participants had to create a card with a unique folding design. The color parameter was a blue background, adding a cool and calming element to the projects. Additionally, the element parameter was a pocket, allowing the crafters to incorporate a functional pocket into their card designs. Lastly, the random parameter for this episode was wood, challenging the participants to include wood elements in their creations.

Craft Roulette is a fun and interactive YouTube show that showcases live, improvised crafting. Each episode, the crafters spin a wheel to determine four random parameters that they must incorporate into their projects. In Episode 82, Mary Gunn FUNN hosted the show with special guest Laurel Beard. The participants were tasked with creating Z-fold cards with a blue background, incorporating a pocket element, and using wood elements. The result was a variety of unique and creative card designs that showcased the crafters' improvisational skills.