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Fancy Fold
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It's a Dog's Life

About The Episode

Episode #83 was a great little evening with Carrie Rhoades. It was Carrie's second time to join us, and really it was just like hanging out with a friend. I had forgotten or didn't know that Carrie and I had similar backgrounds in direct sales. She with Stampin' Up for 19 years, and I with CTMH for 20 years. We both remarked about how we were unsure of going "independent" from direct sales because of the possible fear of crafty friends. We both are relieved that we now how crafty friends like each other and all the nice people in our community of Craft Roulette. Another FUNN topic was dreaming about craft projects, and we do! Those are good dreams. Thank you, Carrie, for joining us again!

Parameters and Submissions

Except for the cat crafters in the group, mostly everyone found this week's parameters very FUNN. Actually, the cat people even figured creative ways to join us - KYB! The Gallery is overflowing with great FUNN folds, paws, bones, XOXO's, puppies, and all in a large array of color!
You contributors do remarkable work. I love the variety of simple and fast to fantastically complicated folds and detailed coloring. Very well done, dear contributors!
Last week in our Craft Roulette Show FB group, I listed the contributors from #82 who had submitted cards for at least 1/2 of the shows - it was quite impressive and very endearing! Thank you for joining us, and crafting along with us. You are FUNNtastic!

At the end of the show, Cassie's dog was even excited about the parameters and treated us to the new "Tobey Dog Dance"! What a show stopper, and so FUNN!