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Slimline Landscape
Orange Background
Jar or Glass
3 Layers

About The Episode

Jessica Taylor was our intrepid Guest Crafter for Episode #84. It was her third time to join us and we hope she'll come back for her 4th scheduled on the first Friday of January 2022 after the parameters! Tackling an unfamiliar craft can be daunting and tackling it live in front of scores of viewers is not for the weak! I really appreciated Jessica's will-do attitude, and she did a great job, too! No wonder she was in the $1,000,000 sales level at Stampin' Up this year! Another take away from Jessica is mail your cards! She is such an advocate for sending mail! So, please send a card today and let Jessica know she's made a difference. Jessica is such an easy Guest Crafter to work with, too. I'm glad so many of you have taken the time to watch and share the episode. Thank you, Jessica, we'll see you in January!

Parameters and Submissions

Slimline cards still garner a variety of responses from our friends! Some love them, some hate them, some have made very few of them (like Guest Crafter Jessica Taylor), and some refuse! Tuesday's FUNN University FUNNdamental Lab will feature overcoming design issues of slimline cards.
Sadly, I had to remove some beautiful cards because they had been made as a portrait slimline. It really breaks my heart. There is a special post for your pretties on FB.
Mr. Wheel (the beginning of creativity or the spin of terror - tee hee, Sharon from the Red Chair) skirted past the beloved patrons' color veto of "Orange + 2" and gave us an orange background! The cards are a perfect palette of autumnal beauty because of that spin, too. I know, I know, not everyone was happy happy joy joy, but it does feel like fall this week in the gallery. Jar or glass was our element and there are so very many darling interpretations! Be sure to look for the pumpkin with the eye glasses.
Thank you to all who participated! Once again you will be the cause of viewers of The Gallery to say, "Why didn't I think of that?"