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5" x 7" Landscape
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Paper Strips

About The Episode

Episode #85 brought Leslie Benson back to the show. She is such a nice classic card making crafter, we enjoy her visits every time. While I feel like I know Leslie from her trips to the show and her visits to FUNN University, we have never met! I think we are going to fix that soon as we really don't live very far apart. I suggest following Leslie's social if you love a super cute classic card style. She will inspire you and just make you feel good with her easy going positive vibes. Thank you, Leslie.

Parameters and Submissions

The wheel put together some interesting parameters and your submissions turned out fabulously! Shopping! Really enjoyed seeing all the variety of things you shopped for on the 5" x 7" cards this week. If you have ever wondered about how to use your paper strip scraps? This is your episode's gallery to study because the creative ways paper strips were used is an education!

Welcome to our first time contributors! Thank you so much for sharing your cute cards!

Again, the number of submissions some of you are racking up is just amazing! Patty Beck (our submission leader) hit her 80th consecutive card submission! SALUTE!
We do celebrate the "Zero Achievers" on our Craft Roulette Show FB page every week. Those are contributors who have submitted their 10th, 20th, 30th, and higher cards. Celebrating our contributors is one of my favorite things to do. If you haven't joined us, please do!