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Lil' Chubby
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About The Episode

Episode 87 has come and gone, but long will the FUNN inspired in this episode live in the replays and projects. Heather Telford joined us for the evening and we enjoyed her talent, classiness, accent, and dry sense of humor. I really enjoyed talking about scary Australian animals including "drop bears", emus, and magpies. We learned extra FUNN facts about the history and broad scope of Heather's artistic past and some goals for the future. It was especially FUNN with her Dad, Norman McDonald, would comment in the chat, as in the fashion show she and her friend created and made in high school!

Heather has a new online class which she generously gifted to Cordelia Alderson. You can learn more and register for any of her no doubt excellent classes here. Thank you so much for sharing a spot with one of our contributors!

If you watched the show and heard about for the first time, here is your link to learn more.
I really enjoyed our evening, Heather, and thank you so much for braving another go with us.

Parameters and Submissions

Heather had a couple items she wanted to veto (rodents and explosion card) which made me laugh because of the mental visual I concocted of rodents exploding from a card. It turned out, however, that many of you included rodents (squirrels, mice, and such) on your cards, although none were being shot out of cannons or anything!
Lil' Chubbies
The project size was a Lil' Chubby card size which is a card I made up for FUNN University. It is a 4" x 8" card front which is a super generous size for larger images or more dramatic white space. A couple really great things is it is easy to cut and fold and it fits into a standard business size envelope. It is 2.25" of more space than a typical Slimline card (3.5" x 8.5") which is why I explain it as a Slimline card who has eaten and retained donuts. It is a whopping 8+" more than the square inches an A2 card offers. Knowing this, the card can be a bit confusing at first, but it is perfect for projects that need more space or drama than an A2 could offer.
Warm Colors
Warm colors per a traditional art palette are the colors "associated with the sun, warmth, or fire". I wondered when someone would bring up the scientific fact that blue fire has a higher temperature level than red, orange, or yellow, and Episode 87 was the time. Heather's engineering husband Andrew, brought up this very fact! He is absolutely correct and I would be disappointed if he doesn't use the idiom, "What in blue blazes?!" It was a FUNN diversion into star temperatures, which must take some higher form of calculations than my Mary Math level to ascertain. Anyway, I hope it didn't throw you off too much; I found it FUNN.
Guests can create short Process Videos or explanation videos of their cards, too, anytime. Mary Moisan turned on her camera this week, for instance. Thank you, Mary.
Loved all the directions you took these two parameters plus the element and random spins, too. You are all so very bright, clever, and talented! THANK YOU for your submissions.