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Card with Pattern Paper
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About The Episode

Talk about surprises on the internet - you need look no further than Craft Roulette! Episode #88 brought all sorts of FUNN surprises from our Guest Crafter Allison Cope! Here are a few of them. We learned about Ally's really cool personal creative trek since childhood - don't miss it because we wrote a Hallmark movie from it! :o) We got to watch Ally color which is  remarkable  because we are 1,600 miles apart!

Our Guest Crafters are not required to donate prizes, but we love it when they do! Such is the case with  Ally this week. She has always been very generous with our Craft Roulette friends, but surprised us time with more! She is going to give one of our card contributors to Episode 88 a $25.00 gift certificate from Catherine Pooler Designs - wow! But, then things got more exciting when Ally threw down the gauntlet and offered a second $25.00 gift certificate if we got 100 cards in contributions for her episode! To be eligible for our weekly prizes, you must send in a qualifying card through our submission form (now closed). For those of you who sent in a card, we will spin for winners on Episode #89.

YOU DID IT! You sent in 100 darling amazing cards! 

Well played, friends, and thank you so much for the extra incentive, Ally! This was Craft Roulette's first time to get 100 cards, and it was so exciting to watch our friends reach out and share the dare with their crafty buddies on our FB group and IG. You can see all these beauties under "Gallery" and on Friday's Episode #89! Please be sure to hope over to Ally's IG and blog and thank her for the extra FUNN!

Parameters and Submissions

The Random parameter got all all attention this week. Sometimes the Random parameter feels like a small extra thing, but not this time! Because of this, I ended up doing a quick tutorial on the retiform technique. Here is a link to a FUNN University lab where I also talked about retiform couched in terms of diagonal lines in design.

What is "retiform"? It is a medical term and means "netlike". In art terms, I'd define "retiform" as a simple to complex "web" of distinct cells. These cells can be made of a variety of media (including, but not limited to inks, paints, etc.), various techniques (stamping, stenciling, etc.), and/or papers. There is a similarity of the retiform technique to the look of mosaic tiles.

Some of you loved trying retiform, and some of you "had fits" about it, but whichever the camp you find yourself, you faced the challenge, and added retiform to your bags of tricks. "Kiss your cute crazy craniums," per Ava Bellon!
Gallery 88 is a great place to spend time for interpretations and ideas for your future retiform cards.

THANK YOU to the 100 contributors to Episode #88, you make our community so special!