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Bridge Card
Pink, Mint, +2
Large Word(s)

Craft Roulette Episode 90, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on December 3, 2021, featured special guest Mary Polanco. The crafting challenge was to create a project using a Bridge Card design. The color parameter for this episode was Pink, Mint, and +2, meaning the participants had to incorporate these colors into their projects. The element parameter was Large Word(s), requiring the crafters to include prominent words in their designs. Lastly, the random parameter for this episode was Stencil, adding an extra layer of creativity to the projects.

Throughout the episode, the crafters showcased their improvisational skills as they spun the wheel and worked with the given parameters. The resulting projects were a delightful mix of Bridge Cards featuring pink and mint hues, large words, and stenciled designs. Craft Roulette Episode 90 was a fun and inspiring episode that demonstrated the endless possibilities of spontaneous crafting.