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3 Bright
Sequin(s) or gem(s)

Craft Roulette Episode 91, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on December 10, 2021, featured special guest Christine Bertram. The project parameter for this episode was A2, meaning the crafters had to create something related to the A2 size. The color parameter was 3 Bright, challenging the participants to incorporate vibrant and lively colors into their projects. The element parameter was Cozy, encouraging the crafters to create something warm and comforting. Lastly, the random parameter was Sequin(s) or gem(s), giving the crafters the option to add some sparkle and shine to their creations.

During the episode, Mary and Christine showcased their creativity by spinning the wheel and improvising their crafts based on the given parameters. The crafters had to think on their feet and come up with unique and innovative ideas using the A2 size, bright colors, cozy elements, and sequins or gems. It was an exciting and fast-paced episode filled with inspiration and surprises.