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In or under the tree

About The Episode

Craft Roulette #92 saw its first spousal duo visit us, which kept us all laughing and enjoying the evening. Koren and Tim Wiskman joined us for their first appearance. One FUNNy moment was when the Wiskmans talked about their family "grading" Kori's cards. She is more brave than I on that one, but truly this illustrates how each card in its uniqueness appeals to others in different ways. "There are no bad cards, except Tim's," may be the next Wiskman slogan, IG account, or YT channel. What a FUNN pair to hang out with on a Friday evening.

Koren's card was quick and cute, but did you notice? She took the idea of adding light gray stars on the background to add more interest. Rereading the comments, it looks like several of you savvy card makers made similar suggests - well played.

Please be sure to click "The Guest" tab under the video and follow, like, subscribe, and share Koren's socials. You'll be glad you did!

Thanks to #TeamWiskman for joining us and making Craft Roulette Episode #92 especially FUNN!

Parameters and Submissions

I thought Mr. Wheel gave us some good deals for the week before Christmas. "In or under the tree" has been in the parameters since October, but it was perfect for this show. I enjoyed all the ways you took this element parameter and created very different themes and styles. Deputy Heidy's husband joined us for the first time with his "Goat in a tree" card, there were critters galore, pretty presents, and lots of Christmas cards just in the "nick" of time. There are more gatefold ideas than I can count, and this gallery will be a great resource the next time you go to make this FUNN fold. You all did great on colors - so pretty, and I loved how you used "tied"! There were cards tied shut, pretty bows, drawn bows, stamped bows, and more.

Very impressed and touched that you would join us on a busy weekend. We'll be celebrating some remarkable milestones this week in our group. You really made this a special gallery; thank you and give your creative nogs a big mwah!

Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve

There is no Craft Roulette this week, but we'll be releasing a video of my "twin sister" Merry Claus reading our family's Christmas tale, Santa's Long Pants on our Craft Roulette YouTube channel later this week. It is a charming story written by my Mother-in-law. We hope kids of all ages in your home will enjoy it.

For our December 31st show, we'll releasing the YouTube Premiere of Episode #93 with Justine Hovey. I'll be in the chat with you, so see you there.

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