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About The Episode

What a FUNN guest, group of chatterboxes, and show to ring out 2021! Thank you all!

Bitty Penny was a champ to join us when we had technical problems with a pre-recorded Craft Roulette Episode #93 with Justine Hovey planned. We were all disappointed because of the glitch, but also very happy to have Bitty Penny join us for the party. Bitty Penny always brings the party, too! It was a FUNN night.

Love that Mr. Wheel gave us "rodents", too. The rodent parameter has received a lot of shade, but the submissions were absolutely fabulous! Facing our rodent fear 2021 with crafting victory is a perfect end to a FUNN year. Click "Gallery" to view all the wonderful cards.

FUNN University

We'll be dissecting the "book binding card" parameter on FUNN University's Episode #93.

Thank you for joining us and helping us have crafting FUNN.