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Tag with pocket
Complement + 1
Fancy circle(s)

On episode 98 of Craft Roulette, hosted by Mary Gunn FUNN on February 4, 2022, the special guest Ashley Young joined in for a fun crafting session. The project parameter for this episode was to create a tag with a pocket. The color parameter was Complement + 1, which added an interesting twist to the color choices. The element parameter was XOXO, adding a touch of love and romance to the projects. Lastly, the random parameter was Fancy circle(s), allowing the crafters to incorporate elegant circular designs into their creations.

Overall, it was an exciting episode of Craft Roulette, with Mary Gunn FUNN and Ashley Young guiding the viewers through the process of creating tags with pockets. The Complement + 1 color parameter, along with the XOXO element and the random Fancy circle(s) parameter, added unique challenges and creative opportunities for the crafters. It was a delightful and inspiring episode filled with innovative crafting ideas and techniques.