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What is Patreon? is a service that allows us to offer bonus features and content in exchange for pledged monthly support. This allows us to keep producing great content without having to force advertisements and sponsored content on our audience.

We consider this a win-win situation because it allows us to deliver a higher-quality experience overall and gives us an opportunity to better connect and get to know our supporters.

We do incur many costs running this show and community and any level of support really helps and is truly appreciated.

For just $5 a month you get

  • Late Submission Window - open until Thursday night at Midnight (central USA)
  • Parameter Vault - All parameters in our system and their stats
  • Contribution Explorer - Search our contribution library and create custom galleries
  • Bonus challenges on every archived episode (coming soon)
  • Host your own game of Craft Roulette (coming soon)
  • Submit official questions for Craft Roulette guests
  • Submit Questions for Craft Roulette
  • EXTRA Craft Roulette samples, not shared publicly, from Mary, several times a month (on Patreon blog)
  • Private all Patron ZOOM call once a quarter!
  • Get your name on every show as a thank you!

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There are additional levels of support that unlock more bonus features like vetos, extra content, and even access to our Scrapbooking program called Club FUNN.

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