Fleurette Bloom - Midwest

Fleurette Bloom



Fleurette Bloom is an artist who loves crafting, she started Ink On 3 because she had a desire to no–line color and was surprise to find out, there were no inks specifically designed for that technique. So, she decided to take it upon herself to create one that would make no-line coloring easier and more fun for everyone.

After a two years of hard work and determination that dream became a reality and the innovative Fadeout No-Line Coloring Ink was born! That was just the beginning, as she immediately started working on another ink “Atelier” that would pair beautifully with Fadeout Ink, making the process even easier and changed the way we all think about ink! Now at InOn3 you will find inks, Stamp Cleaner, stamps and all kinds of innovative crafting supplies.