Gina K - Milwaukee, WI

Gina K

Milwaukee, WI


I’m Gina K, the owner and creative director for Gina K. Design. I started stamping in 1995 after my first daughter was born. I went to a home stamping party and I was hooked! Shortly after that, I became a demonstrator for that company and fell in love with everything to do with stamps, paper, and ink.

In 2006, I decided to start my own company and Gina K. Designs was born. As one of the first crafty YouTubers, I decided to create a community for paper crafters around my YouTube videos.

The Gina K. Designs community quickly became a community of over 100,000 paper crafters who support and celebrate each other. I really wanted to build a community where everyone fits in. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you love stamping and paper crafting, you are in. Our Gina K. Designs community has helped a lot of people find friendship and happiness. It’s a wonderful place to grow your creative wings with lots of support. You can find our group on Facebook and our live videos on YouTube.