Jenn Gross - Woodstock, IL

Jenn Gross

Woodstock, IL


I have been crafting and creating since I remember holding crayons or sitting on my mom's lap watching her sew. I have been sewing since the age of 7. I made Cabbage Patch Doll clothing (to order) in 7th & 8th grade. In college I majored in Art (painting) with a minor in Theatre (costume design).

I love stamping and creating cards, especially interactive cards. I think outside the box when creating. I compare my style to that of 80’s music “One Hit Wonders.” I typically do not create multiples of a design. I have had the joy of working with several design teams over the years. I believe art is subjective. Everyone starts at the beginning. It is each step we take and path we travel that strengthens our creative journey. Remember - Do not judge yourself by someone else’s ruler.

For my day job I am a College Admission counselor. I live in Illinois with Wolfgang (my German hubby and my biggest fan and craft supporter) and our German Shepherd, Cali (a bigger fan of mom's belly rubs).