Sara Lihz Staroska - Nebraska

Sara Lihz Staroska



I'm Sara Lihz, and I love crafting. My first creative love was poetry, but when I began my career as a college English professor, I found I needed an artistic outlet that offered more of a retreat from work.​

I began experimenting with mixed media and cardmaking in 2009. But it wasn't until 2021, after a year of giving up my craft room to make a work-at-home office for my amazing husband that I realized how important card-making was to me. When Mark noticed I was sneaking into the office anytime he wasn't there so I could make things, he came up with a new solution, bought me a Gemini Jr., and helped me reclaim part of my myself that had I lost somewhere between having two children and surviving the pandemic while teaching college students from my kitchen table.

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