Desiree Kuemmerle - Pennsylvania

Desiree Kuemmerle



Well, hello there everyone! My name is Desiree Kuemmerle and I live in Lansdale, PA with the hubs of over 20 years and our furry bot Max! I am fluent in Crafting, a Master Paper Manipulator and a violator of all that makes sense... I get my curiosity from my cat!

Since about the time I spoke my first word, I’ve been an avid crafter alongside my mom and sister. You name the craft and I’ve probably bought it, collected it, tried it and finally stored it. Right now, getting Inky, suffering paper cuts, cutting with metal dies and stamping everything, whether it moves or not makes me smile and I must pass that along to everyone I know and don’t know!

These are the fun and mischievous ways I get to teach and inspire others to get into their crafty spaces to create their art!