Koren Wiskman - Maryland

Koren Wiskman



Hello. My name is Koren Wiskman, but many people call me Kori. My husband Tim and I run two businesses and have four kids. If this doesn’t immediately scream insanity, just keep reading…Tim and I grew up in the same waterfront town of Pasadena, Maryland. We graduated High School together in 1998, and about 15 years later we started dating. It would make an excellent love story, but we are not quite finished writing it yet. I became a Mother almost 20 years ago with my daughter Cailin. I’ve been crafting since birth but I discovered stamping when I was pregnant with my first son Hayden over 18 years ago. I fell in love and I have been card making ever since. Since then my joy for paper crafting has grown right along with my family. I now have a step-daughter Olivia who will be 13 this year. You can find me on YouTube and many of the popular social media sites. Thats where you will also meet Dexter my youngest, he is seven, and he is the perfect combination of me and Tim. See many of our family outings and shenanigans as well as plenty of crafting goodness.