Ashley Young - Toronto, Canada

Ashley Young

Toronto, Canada


I started getting into crafting while I was doing my PhD in biology - my close friend was a Stampin' Up demonstrator and I fell in love with the hobby after going to a few of her card parties. I got more and more into it over the years by watching crafty YouTube videos and realizing how important it was to have a creative outlet during times of hard work or stress. Since then, I've finished my PhD and have been working in the medical device field for a few years. I started sharing my crafty creations on Instagram initially as a way to keep track of all of the cards I was making, but over time it's morphed into a wonderful community of amazingly warm and supportive new friends! I live near Toronto, Canada with my husband Robin, dog Indiana and cat Luna (who may visit us on Craft Roulette...). Outside of crafting, my main hobbies include going for nature walks, travelling (when society allows), and winter sports such as skiing (which, thanks to the fact that I live in Canada, I get to enjoy for a good chunk of the year!).