Alicia / Crafty Al - Nebraska

Alicia / Crafty Al



My name is Alicia, although online I am known as “Crafty Al”. I grew up in Iowa (Go, Hawkeyes!), lived in Kansas for about 19 years and currently reside in Nebraska with my husband, daughter and our two kittens.

I have been crafty since I can remember. Whether it was helping my mom stuff fabric wreaths with Polyfil as a child or pre-teen me finishing a cross-stitch pattern. When my sister introduced me to stamping around 1997 and showed me how to heat emboss - I was hooked on papercrafting! To this day watching embossing powder melt and set is one of my favorites.

My style is clean and simple and when I find a sketch/pattern I enjoy, I like to stick with it. That may be the reason why I started SheetLoad of Cards.

About 12 years ago I discovered one-sheet wonders, but wanted to stick to one layout for the paper. I started a monthly e-zine called “SheetLoad of Cards” where I shared sketches, cutting guides and design team samples that focused on creating lots of cards with just a little bit of paper.

I took about a 10-year hiatus and started the series back up last year as a monthly feature on my YouTube channel. The printable is free to subscribers to my channel and each month my collaborators and I share lots of samples to show just how versatile a SheetLoad can be.